About Frozen Toothpaste

Frozen Toothpaste is a lot of things. At the most basic level, it’s the essays I’ve been writing since 2007, with some exceptions. For some time I’d have pictured it, and to some extent I still do, as what my monthly column in a multi-disciplinary periodical would be like. Topics covered are thus a range of ideas that don’t necessarily make much more sense beyond the fact that they are things I want to explore in a public setting.

Originally this meant that it ranged widely, from some wise-ish thoughts about life in general to some weird stuff I made up and back into the hum-drum political commentary. Today the focus is a bit more narrow: essays are mostly about things I think I know about life that I feel are valuable for other people to know. Things about kindness, change, love, and what it means to be alive. My obsessions are little things that matter a lot, and trying to pin down the nature of the human condition.

Who’s Me?

Me is David Hayes. And the very short version is I’m a thirty-ish white American male who writes essays on this site. You can find out more about me at davidbhayes.com. In the shortest possible version I’m a guy who was born on the third, spent a long time thinking he hit a triple, and is slowly learning what it means and how to make the most of the advantages I’ve had.