Around here, the last few days have been rather gray. You know the type. Where it doesn’t get much about 58 degrees Fahrenheit and you never actually see the sun, though it’s light shows through with varying degrees of success.

And though some may find days when the sky only varies between shades of dull gray to be the most loathsome, I find them to be a welcome change that I don’t mind at all. They’re a wonderful interlude between the hot-sunny of summer and the gray-wet of winter.

gray day

One of the supreme advantages of gray days is that they’re the perfect excuse to do or not-do anything. Sunny days can’t be used to excuse your choice to stay in bed all day reading. Nor can rainy days be used for many outdoor activities–other than splashing in puddles, of course. But a gray day can be either a good reason to stay inside and a good reason to spend time outdoors.

There is also the ease with which a gray day fits into metaphor. For just one example, you know the glass-half-full glass-half-empty story I’m sure. But can’t we more accurately say that a optimist looks at a gray day and hopes the sun will come out, while a pessimist fears that it will rain?

But really, I just love the unexpected coolness that accompanies the day. The way the air is cool enough to feel fresh inside your lungs, but rarely so cold as to hurt. I love the way that on early-fall gray days, any attire seems appropriate. It’s rarely too cold for shorts and a t-shirt, too hot for ski pants and a parka.

The color too, is a reminder that any day can be beautiful if one just look appropriately. Even though the colors aren’t so vibrant, the plants and animals are still there, still moving. We’re all still hoping for a better tomorrow, maybe more than usual, maybe less.

Perhaps I’m the only one who loves them. But on behalf of all dry-and-gray days, I plead that you give them a chance.


13 responses to “Gray Days”

  1. I cherish a grey day, especially after endless bright, hot summer days here in the south. Colors are more saturated and absorbed – life seems to quiet down – and being cozy is my idea of a perfect day.

  2. Hey thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

    Also I agree with you, I often times enjoy a nice grey overcast day when it is slightly brisk. Just as long as it doesn’t rain. The Sun can’t shine every day right?

  3. thanks for visiting my blog David…and I too appreciate the gray days…as long as they don’t last for too long! Where I live on the west coast of Canada, grey days can last months in the winter!

  4. What a beautiful post.

    Gray days are “free” days where I don’t feel the obligation to get out and be productive. They’re for relaxing and not feeling guilty about it. Perhaps we all need more gray days.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I absolutely LOVE gray days. I’m a real fan of gray, cold, overcast and dreary – especially if one lives in an area of constant sunshine (boooooring!).

    And you’re right – it is a day that makes people feel less guilty for loafing – although for me, any day is a good day to loaf if you have time.

    Embrace The Gray!

  6. Yesterday was one of those days here in the Midwest – cool, cooler than it’s been in a long while and gray. Those kind of days bring to mind the impending fall weather and the winter that’s right around the corner. Fall is my favorite time of the year – sunny or cloudy.

  7. beautiful photo of a gray day. As long as the mood doesn’t turn gray too it’s fine with me. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  8. I too love the ‘gray day’, why not? I liked the beautiful narration on rain, sun, weather, feather and color of our wonderful NATURE – THE GOD’S GIFT. Rain or Sun, Cold or Hot – just enjoy. We need ALL.

  9. I’m joining other commenters in saying thank you for visiting my blog. Yours looks quite interesting, too and I’m looking forward to being a regular reader!