Happy Wednesday!

Holidays should never be recognized by anything but the day of the week on which they fall. This way, we give the day no credence beyond it’s own merit as a day of the week.

We can know that today is supposed to be Independence Day, which of late has come to mean little more than grilling, fireworks and alcohol. But we cannot tell others that we know this fact. We can only tell them that this is a good Wednesday.

They will think we are odd for telling them this. But we will know that some Wednesdays are good. And some Wednesdays are bad. Some Wednesdays are just average. Wednesdays tend to vary in this manner. There is no way to impose order on our Wednesdays.

Sometimes the Wednesdays that others think are truly special turn out not to be. Sometimes Wednesdays that no one else thinks are special really are.

We tell them “Happy Wednesday!” because we know this is true.

They laugh at us because they have forgotten this truth.

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One response to “Happy Wednesday!”

  1. i suppose this wednesday was good. but then again it sucked. because it was the day of the fourth of july holiday. and a holiday on a wednesday sucks ass when you’re 10 hours away in west palm beach and have to drive back on a thursday and go to work on a friday.

    actually, it’s work that sucks.