Impressions in the carpet

About a week ago, I moved some furniture around the house. And it left those impressions in the carpet. Some of them are still there as I write this today. And it makes me wonder what those impressions mean to the carpet.

Are they a way for it to remember its past? But they last only as long as the carpet wants to remember. Maybe the carpet has chosen to only remember its past for so long. With time it comes to adjust itself to the new reality. It only keeps them around long enough for it to get used to the new reality. After that it’s ready to move on. It has no need for remembering anyway.

Maybe they’re the carpet’s passive aggression coming forward. Maybe the carpet feels a need to remind me of the way that I used to make it suffer. It’s not really one to complain while it is suffering, but afterward it just will not let you forget that it has been suffering under the weight of your furniture for an extended period of time.

Do you think that the carpet is just rolling with the punches? That it’s not actually very attached to remembering the old reality, or making you feel guilty for it, it’s just sitting there. Those impressions don’t mean anything to it. It’s just worried about staying in the present, so that’s what it will do.

There are certainly reasons to believe that the latter is not only true, but grows to be more so with each passing day. As anyone who’s kept carpet around for some time will tell you, as it ages, it keeps those impressions for less and less time.

Maybe the carpet is, when young, too attached to its past. It wants to remember, feels the need to remember, all that it’s seen, all that’s been around it. But that with time it begins to realize that its far more important to just adjust. To be present, first and foremost. The past only matters to the extent that it changes the present.

That maybe, we should be less attached to all things. Including the impressions in the carpet. The meaning and actions of others in our lives.

One response to “Impressions in the carpet”

  1. PS I was just told that you can use ice to remove the impressions faster. Makes for an interesting addition to the analogy. Shock therapy.