This is an odd installment of “Other People’s Words,” because even though the words are good, they’re not the primary thing I want to draw your attention to. What I want to have a look at this charming site, called “THEBLOG WEEMADE.” As the name suggests, it features drawings by young children. And the reason, as it explains it:

Here at THEBLOG WEEMADE, we find the artwork and creativity of kids inspiring, thought provoking, entertaining, and unpretentious. We think that reminding ourselves how children see the world is a valuable and enlightening process.

THEBLOG WEEMADE is a user-generated showcase. We accept posts from anyone and everyone. Scan and post your children’s artwork or your own artwork from when you were child. Found artwork. Anything!

Brian created THEBLOG WEEMADE in February 2008. The inspiration was a box full of his old schoolwork and drawings that his parents had kept over the years. Poring over all this old papers, Brian and his wife were entertained by how bizarre and imaginative a lot of the work was. He knew that there must be millions of people with similar material to share, so he decided to create a forum in which the artwork and creativity of children everywhere could be showcased.